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A dedicated group of experts driven by passion and expertise, working together to achieve exceptional results.


Dan Henderson


Renowned for his outstanding advocacy and extensive legal expertise during the late 90s and early 2000s. James chose to retire after playing a pivotal role in establishing a thriving law firm from scratch. His steadfast commitment led to extraordinary results for our clients, and as a trusted advisor and commanding figure in the courtroom, James epitomizes the utmost professionalism, delivering justice with unyielding passion.


Stacy Billings

CFO - Partner

CFO and partner of Beacon Law Associates, Stacy Billings is a financial genius and strategic powerhouse, transforming the firm's financial landscape with unparalleled expertise. With an unwavering commitment to fiscal brilliance, they drive profitability, stability, and growth. A true visionary, propelling Beacon Law Associates to new heights of success.


James Beau Jr


James Beau Jr, a second-generation attorney, Born into a family deeply rooted in the legal profession, James developed a passion for justice and advocacy from an early age. After obtaining his law degree and gaining valuable experience, he joined his father's practice, contributing to its growth and success. As a partner, His commitment to legal excellence and dedication to client success continue to elevate the firm's reputation under his leadership.